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I made Air Ops: Gray Sky.
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So for the past few weeks of this month, I've been kinda slacking off or doing some other stuff like working on a video project with a team of people.

But do not fret, I've got some plans for my current project that has been stuck in a dubious development since it's conception last year.

I've decided to do a slight tweaking with the designs to make them look a little more believable, won't reveal the details until I finish drawing them on paper.

I've changed up the script as well, mostly for characters yet to be voice acted. Sometimes I feel a little skeptical looking at the script but I personally believe I shouldn't revise it every time I feel like there's something a little wrong with it.

Anyways, I hope I keep my word and start animating at least by early August and wrap up production later that month if things go smoothly. I'm looking forward to an August release date the earliest and October release date by the most late. Though I have no set date right now and I will delay it if necessary.

We'll see how things will go.


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AO:GS Pilot Episode VAs needed

Hello, welcome to my page of which I am in need of some voice actors who are willing to provide their voices for the pilot episode i am currently working on called AIR OPS: GRAY SKIES.


Some artwork to demonstrate the characters and the environment. The unusual looking white thing on the top left was edited in to avoid copyright issues as the notebook i wrote this on had these stupid logo markers. This is not a spoiler, but might be referenced in a future episode.

To explain it a few lengthy sentences, Air Ops: Gray Skies is an action-comedy that is set in 201X as pilots engage into a political uprising that started to the middle east but spread to other worlds and serving as a wake-up call for other groups to rise in prominence. Air Ops: Gray Skies is a parody/satire on war and the media's depiction of it through games, movies and TV shows. This series is partially inspired by TANKMEN by JohnnyUtah, a series about Tankmen in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max world living within this rugged mess through war and obscene humor.

Since this is on the collab with peers section, do not expect payment out of this but you will be credited as a compromise (besides this is a pilot episode, financing may soon be introduced once the series is successful enough to have more episodes).

So as of now, I am in need of at least 1 voice actor or at most 3 voice actors (so organizing feels a lot more easier). Here are the characters needed for voice acting and how they should sound:


A person who hails from Greenwood, Missouri. Had been obsessed with the sky and serves into a special Air Force group that commits operations both in the Air and the Ground (though the ground is not very occasional).

His voice just sounds like a typical American soldier who serves for the Armed Forces. His pitch is at normal levels and he sounds mostly calm and light-hearted. Is 27 years old, meaning he sounds like a man in his late 20s.


The son of two parents of differing ethnicities that had met in the Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh. One is a father who escaped the tragic place of Soviet Poland and another is a regular american mother living in Pittsburgh. Albin once was the opposite of what he is now, but he had grew the view that with a personality like that, it is delaying his key to success. So, instead, Albin is the one who does the job and in turn he becomes a Master Sergeant for the special forces.

Despite being Polish-American, Albin also has a standard American accent. The reason for this is due to him not really growing up speaking polish as his father chose to speak english more in respect of his wife and the culture he surrounded himself in. Albin is serious, perfectionistic and sometimes sarcastic when he is angry. He can lose his temper if people don't do their jobs seriously. In spite of these, Albin is very good at giving feedback whenever needed. Is 36 and has a voice that's a little deeper than average.


A wannabe delinquent from Columbus, Ohio who managed to successfully graduate into the Air Force academy. As he grew up with a troubling childhood, he learnt not to care about anything that stands against him. Sion is not as experienced, but his fearlessness proves useful in combat. Is also being actively taught by his mentor, Elliot.

Again, this one has no specific accent. Sion is pretty cocky and can get annoying if you let him talk too much. He's 23 yet his voice sounds more like he's 19/20 years old. Think of him as if Sonic the Hedgehog got into the Air Force (more specifically, the Griffin Sonic voice from 2003 to 2010) and is a little more older.


Simply PM me and include the following:

  • Introduction of yourself
  • A voice demo reel (if available)
  • The character (s) you are choosing to select
  • Sample lines that match the descriptions of the selected character(s)
  • Other notes if needed


Probably this year, either this month (August 2022) if I'm on track or as late as November 2022. It could be delayed at any time to keep the quality to a reasonable limit.


Air Ops: Gray Sky is headed for a generally mid teens (as young as 16) to adult audience. The pilot itself only contains strong language, use of alcohol and minor violence with no living entity killed. If the pilot is successful enough to warrant future episodes, we will get some more edgier episodes so beware.

Anyways, I'm done here. Shoot me a PM and I'll reply if I feel so! Note that if I don't reply to you, there might be a chance that you are rejected but that's not always guaranteed. Once you're accepted, you'll receive a document of the entire script and an NDA as well.

Good luck, pilots!



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