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Very nice looking 3D animation, especially when it looks as if it was in 2D. The audio couldn't fit any better than with FNAF characters. Good job!

An interesting and somewhat ambitious idea to adapt Project Nexus into a 2D animation. Animation is standard for most Madness fan animations and it is a bit unfinished so I won't make too many judgements.
There's some cool details like certain game details being implemented (dialogue interface, dizzy icon) and giving the characters (minor or not) more personality (the bodily expressions of Sanford and Deimos, the bandits playing basketball) that are welcome additions to make it stand out.
In terms of accuracy to the game, that's done very well. Designs and environments are quite accurate to the game which is good considering what the project is supposed to be.

I have good hopes that it will be as good as the trailer once it's finished.

An entertaining and nostalgic mess of a cartoon. Faithful to the original styles quite seamlessly and the jokes feel old-fashioned and obscure, just like it was back in the days.

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The game is pretty good, it's quite enjoyable. Difficulty is.. eh I don't know what to comment, though on Normal the game just felt pretty easy say for a few parts in 1.5 . Music's pretty good, as always from Cheshyre. The gunplay is alright, though it doesn't have too much depth. The optimization is kinda bad, I don't know if the devs are at fault or if it's Ruffle or Adobe who's responsible for not being able to make the game run at a consistent pace. Story's alright, not the best but it's there. Won't spoil anything from it so go figure it out yourself. I've barely touched on Arena so I can't really comment but I will say that it gets repetitive being in the same location over and over again. For it's time, Project Nexus still was quite good even 10 years after it came out.

A nice addition to the Peter the Ant day. It takes quite the opposite of what the original game did and I'd say, it did a good job. Good amount of variety and difficulty's nicely tuned. Good job, Tomb.

Giving this a 5 stars because it's a perfect remake on the original game. Better graphics, more content and smoother gameplay. That's all it ever needs.

The new content is pretty good in my opinion, I like the new bosses and some of them are quite challenging to deal with. Also, the dialogue is just pure gold. It's so funny and fits the tone perfectly.

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Makes me wanna dance and punch people in the face for giving me the wrong hotdogs. Madness 4 feels are undoubtedly there.

Sounds like a good soundtrack to use for an incident. Slow and not so changing pace, but I can get the hang of it with the many sounds that I often associate with Madness 10's OST being repeated and varied. End is a cheesy soft fade out boom, I think that is pretty neat.

The mix of tense and tough beats, synthwave tunes and drum tapping breaks makes this quite an enjoyable song to listen. Some segments feel like I'm listening to DOOM 2016/Eternal, dk if that's intentional or not.

Hyenaedon responds:

Definitely some DOOM inspo in there, nice catch

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Now that looks awesome. Mech/robot has a good design and plenty of detail upon zooming in and the blizzard being added along with it gives it a neat little aesthetic.

Killer Bean and Madness Combat, an interesting crossover that's for sure.
Like the purple-ish colors, the "aura" and them staring at each other with guns at their head.
One criticism I'll say is the guns may look a bit too "big", specially hank's MAC-10. That thing looks a bit too huge.

Menacingly "cool". Making Hank a scary monster that he is with the intimidating feel that this artwork brings.

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