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doc's age is one heck of a mystery

as always, your animations are a banger. also makes me smile to see mag hank's eyes widen, just feels charming for whatever reason.

Mediocre to say the least, the attempt of using pivot for this was rather bittersweet for me. Due to pivot's animations lacking any form of outlines and shaders, the style felt off for me when i compare it to the original game. Animation feels stiff for some reason, the artwork is okay but still feels off for some reason. The watermark also is way too distracting, maybe make a much more smaller one that doesn't take up a lot of space.

Though it's a parody, made me feel a bit emotional. Animation looks decent but not really perfect per say.

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feels like it was made in 2002-2004

paulwidd8 responds:

Even better. 1999-2000

Feels meh to be honest, gunplay isn't all that smooth, punching takes an eternity to recharge and the game doesn't really feel all that interesting.

feels more fun than pico's roulette for some reason.

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this deserves an animation adaption ngl

LuckyDee responds:

That'd be awesome!

mindblowing! didn't know mp3's existed!

I'm gonna play this while playing Halo Infinite.

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gabe is brazillian so no wonder he is used to killing so many people who bully him over coffee

it's cool

i don't want to talk about the very obvious things happening rn in the comment section, like not at fucking all

Super cool. SEGA plz hire dis man.

just trying to survive the south-east of europe
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