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TheGoodlands's News

Posted by TheGoodlands - February 14th, 2023

Yeah. I got not too much to say, but I am drawing stuff for OpOvc and changing up the general direction for the pilot episode. It's gonna take a while for it to happen.

Anyways, here's a quick drawing. I more or less drew this to practice changing up from pure-black eyes to actual plausible cartoonish eyes. Yes, it is rough-looking and that's why i won't put this on the art portal.


Have a happy valentine's day 2023, folks!


Posted by TheGoodlands - December 31st, 2022

Hello, currently it is still Dec 31st at my timezone (Central European Time) as of posting this for the few people who managed to get to new years before we europeans and americans do. Have a happy 2023 towards any of those people by the way.

So, my 2022 has been fairly decent. I think it was better than the other years because I witnessed many good things and explored new opportunities. I've submitted around 16 art portal submissions, more than my 4 art portal submissions in 2021. I think the early year was when I felt the most productive, while the later parts was stagnant.

My project got a rebrand (Operation Overcast) and I am going to change the direction it's heading towards.

As far as progress, little has been made. But I am planning to give you something instead of nothing.

I am going to soon release a prequel comic somewhere around next year early on to give some extra lore and to have build-up. Other than that, it's gonna get rewritten and I gotta decide on the voice acting and that stuff.

For the personal side of things, I got to witness some cool stuff. Played Fallout 1 at the end of the year (planning to play fallout 2 after i finish the game), watched Breaking Bad more than in 2021 where I'm at the 5th season at around the end of the year, watched Sonic Prime the day it released, watched around 3 movies (I think I only watched one in 2021), went to two different countries that I think I have never been to before (Turkey and Bulgaria) and other stuff I could mention but either I am not in the mood of putting it in or refuse to for personal reasons.

Overall, a pretty decent year. I hope you enjoyed this year, too.

Have a happy new year.


Posted by TheGoodlands - December 19th, 2022

Hello guys, I have now decided to do some changes for my currently unfinished project of releasing a pilot episode for an animated web series which will formally be known as Air Ops: Gray Sky.

It will now be known after this as OPERATION OVERCAST.

It's shorter, but if you want initials just say OpOvc (ohp-ohv-see or ohp-ohvkh).

Why? Well Air Ops is... a little too misleading because the series will have ground operations. Gray Sky is directly derived from the project name.

I think Overcast is already kind of sets up what I am aiming for: grayness representing gray morality and the moody, depressing feel of being in a zone of conflict. Overcasts are a condition occurring within the sky, and since this series puts an emphasis on aerial military presence, it also makes sense to consider. I added an extra operation to signify that this is a military-themed series and to avoid using one-letter words which might result in trademark disputes. Apparently there exists a mobile app called Overcast, so I ain't gonna get sued by a podcast app.

Now for the project itself, the first episode will be structured differently. It will still retain the training bits and introduction to characters, but also setting up some action which will have an ending that will imply a continuation may happen. There are some less significant changes like me changing Elliot's middle and last name to Dean Conley instead of Daniel Colt. Changed his middle name because wasn't satisfied with him inheriting the name "daniel" and colt was swapped out because of my strange concern of copyright by the colt manufacturing company. Eh, last one was a wonky excuse but why you care so much about a character's name as I did making that decision?

Voice Actors will be recast and to all of the VAs reading this, you are dismissed. If they don't see this (likely will), I'll try to reach out via PMs dismissing them from the project as I will strive to recast the characters. This is is because of lack of communication and the complicated idea of asking random dudes on the internet to voice over for your web series pilot without owing them any money for their work. I cannot voice on my own, barely can make distinct voice and awful bg. I have money in my pockets but I can't be certain if I will ever convince my parents by giving them my physical money that I own and them paying the amount I want and making sure they are not at a loss of money. Still, I am a kid with big dreams and I want those big dreams to happen sooner than later.

Ambitions are kind of through the roof, I wanted this to be an actual series but it feels too ambitious to do so. I wanted there to be different seasons, with each having different main themes. And I actually was thinking about an ending and how that ending would line up to the video game which will be a direct sequel to the series. The video game however, still remains just an idea with other ideas mashed in. I am also already writing future episodes that haven't been released yet.

Thanks for reading this absolute unit of a news post, with separate paragraphs with a mouthful of words over a project that should've been out sooner but some things just don't go as planned. And that I am still a kid who got other responsibilities and lessons to be taught.

Posted by TheGoodlands - November 11th, 2022

So, I haven't been interacting too much in Newgrounds over the past few months cause there's not really too much of a drive to do so. So, AO:GS as at a typical cycle where I want to do some more progress but I'm strangely stubborn and don't get to finish things when I want to. 2023 it is, though there's also the issue of me rewriting the script from the ground up again as I need the actors to record new lines. I hate to replace actors but if I barely receive a response, I just won't include their work and use another actor instead to stop delays. I am trying to turn the progress around by thinking about illustrating the backgrounds of scenes, which shouldn't be too much work and can save up some time. But who knows?

As for personal life, I mostly keep stuff relatively unknown but I'm doing a fine job at school. Some grades are improved, some are grades are a little downgraded. Hope I'll get better by the next quarter.

That's all. Have a wonderful day.

Posted by TheGoodlands - September 20th, 2022

Hello, hope you're having a good Tuesday. Let's talk about how it's going out here with Newgrounds and other stuff:

I have been kind of taking a break from Newgrounds, not because of something but burnout and me not having enough time to scroll through everything. Two days will be Madness Day and I have just completed conceptualizing my MD2022 Art piece. I do not know if it will look better or worse than the conceptual art because I can't just simply trace them over and expect people to not notice.

As far as AO:GS, it's still in it's hibernation stage though I'm looking forward to do some production work at October and at least wrap it up in November. Though I am now going to re-do every storyboard scene from the ground up, where instead I am to use two lines that give me wide enough space which would be fitting for the series format being in 1920x1080 resolution, may result in less per page but would definitely make it more easier to draw what I want. I've also been considering to add some combat scenes for the pilot as flashbacks, they'll be short and will replace some scenes that would feel... unusual. So, I'm gonna do a partial rewrite of the story. I say that because the plot of the pilot being an introduction to our cast of character and them having their hijinks ensue remains mostly unchanged.

That's all I have to say for today. Here's a sneak peak of my MD2022 submission conceptual art.


That's all. До гледање.


Posted by TheGoodlands - August 23rd, 2022

I decided for now on, I will use calendar date as a title instead of something original. I don't know, to make this sound like a journal or some stuff.

So like a few weeks ago, i've listed in the Collab with Peers list to ask for some voice actors as only two of them provided their voices. I've had to shuffle through two voice actors for three characters, one simply phased out and another hasn't reached to me in a while. So due to that being a failure, it's delisted. It's not really going that smooth. Additionally I am working on other projects and summer's bouta close. But one thing to note, I'm also going to Greece for a 4 day vacation tomorrow. Development is too little and I keep on sweeping it under the rug.

But, this is not me saying: "I give up on this passion project and that my ambition of having an animated series about goofy little military servants operating in the skies witnessing some hijinks". I have not given up on this project, just keeping it under the rug... for now.

Also I'm gonna prepare myself for producing some Madness stuff in September. Possibly wanting to at least involve myself into a collaboration, before Madness Day in September 22nd. I also hope that I actually finish my art in time and not procrastinate like I always do.

And in general, am wanting to have some other things that aren't Air Ops: Gray Sky. I'm planning to also publish like a novel series in which the concept is that a kid is basically on house arrest by some paranormal creatures after his parents were cursed by them, forcing him to live on his house for a long time.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in. Here, have a concept drawing I did.


Posted by TheGoodlands - July 29th, 2022

So for the past few weeks of this month, I've been kinda slacking off or doing some other stuff like working on a video project with a team of people.

But do not fret, I've got some plans for my current project that has been stuck in a dubious development since it's conception last year.

I've decided to do a slight tweaking with the designs to make them look a little more believable, won't reveal the details until I finish drawing them on paper.

I've changed up the script as well, mostly for characters yet to be voice acted. Sometimes I feel a little skeptical looking at the script but I personally believe I shouldn't revise it every time I feel like there's something a little wrong with it.

Anyways, I hope I keep my word and start animating at least by early August and wrap up production later that month if things go smoothly. I'm looking forward to an August release date the earliest and October release date by the most late. Though I have no set date right now and I will delay it if necessary.

We'll see how things will go.


Posted by TheGoodlands - July 5th, 2022

So, tomorrow (July 6th, 2022) I'm going to Turkey for a one-week vacation with my family. But, don't fret, some news will be spread for my projects.

To begin first, Air Ops: Gray Sky is still not very much into development for the last few weeks and months as there's not a lot of motivation and the voice lines are only a quarter or half done as three dudes have yet to receive voice lines. We've also decided to change the combative air force troops to be instead of a fictionalized faction based on the Special Reconnaissance of the Air Force. It's been changed to avoid interfering with our ambiguous setting. Do not fret, I haven't done nothing as I have drawn some stuff and I probably am going to draw more during my vacation so that I feel relieved of boredom!

As for other projects, I want to try out on something else like make parodies of video games but some of those video games I want to parody are not ones I have actually played and thus it's gonna be difficult to make it relatable, which is the key part of making it actually work. I might try something else.

As for my artwork, I'll try to transition to Krita instead of paint.net, which to be honest makes some of the artwork look flat and I don't have any brush options to give diverse amount of color. And besides, paint.net was used by me to make edits rather than actual artwork before um, idk, 2020/2021? Anyways, I hope I get myself used to it and eventually start animating soon as I'm done wrapping up pre-production!

But I won't try to be a lone wolf, I'll search for help whereever I may find. I'll take all my time to make a functional, bearable pilot that will lay the foundation for a future serious as many talented people I've seen had said this sentence or similar: "Start small, dream big."

That's all I got for today, I'll see you next week when I get back.

Posted by TheGoodlands - May 30th, 2022

So it's been around a month since I last made a post and I have pretty much lost my motivation to work on my projects (again). Right now, I have exams and I'm just close to finishing. I'm tryna mark as June as when I'm gonna do some active work for my projects. Wish me luck!

Posted by TheGoodlands - April 27th, 2022

Today, is April 27th 2022. On that same day last year in 2021, I made this account. I used an among us Boyfriend as a PFP at first, before changing it sometime later. My first review was on Pico's School: Love Conquers all, and some of the reviews and stuff I left in 2021 are a bit more crude compared to the ones I've done in 2022.

I didn't really have a large catalog of art portal submissions, as there was at least a 2 month gap. The quality has kinda improved, but not by a long stretch. 2022 so far is improving when it comes to the amount of quantity of Art portal submissions, with me now publishing at least oneart portal submission every month beginning from February (i did not even submit a single art portal submission on January, yeah i know it sucks).

From August of 2021, I first began conceptualizing the idea of a parody show revolving around the air force that parodies both JohnnyUtah's TANKMEN and pieces of fiction (or some non-fiction) revolving around war or some kind of military conflict. Now the protagonist Elliot actually first began off as a mod character for Friday Night Funkin', which started in around May. The general design dates back to June of 2021 with some tweaks and adjustments. But then, I decided to change Elliot's purpose of being a mod character for a popular Newgrounds game to it's own independent series and having the freedom to establish his own sort of universe and express without limitation.

Here we are, Air Ops: Gray Sky. Not a lot of significant progress has been made over the past few weeks, as I'm still eagerly hesitant to begin actually animating as I have no previous experience and one voice actor has yet to provide the needed voice lines so it'll be tricky needing to manage the parts where lip syncing will be used. To get through this strange sense of hesitation, I am now more devoting my time to do some storyboarding (though they're a little crude in my opinion but i'm trying my best to have a somewhat consistent style) and doing background art. I'm also a little antsy about bringing in other artists, since I never really felt like I met someone who could greatly replicate the art style I had done so I decided to go to the more crude option where all of the art was to be done to me and that I don't have to worry about art inconsistency or anything like that. As for release date, I hope that a summer 2022 release date is the likely option since I'm not free everyday and I obviously have other things to do.

Anyways, thanks for reading this news post and thank you for those who stick with me!