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Posted by TheGoodlands - 3 weeks ago

Homosexuals I think.

Posted by TheGoodlands - May 7th, 2024

Hello, been quite on a break but I'm planning to write off a roadmap (sort of).


The comic issue will possibly be rewritten. About 10 pages since I don't have supporter. Each page will have 4 panels. Gonna cut down on the filler stuff and get mostly to the point. Likely will come out AFTER the next project.


The introduction is somewhat finished. I'll release a demo featuring on the first few chapters. Plot outline is somewhat finished. Might be releasing around the summer.


A dystopian psychological horror project, centered around 1980s Eastern Bloc life. Dictators, run-down apartment blocks and questionable authoritarian government activities.

Also new update for Friday Night Funkin' :O should probably go check it out yo.

Have a nice day, then.


Posted by TheGoodlands - February 15th, 2024

I almost could've made a post yesterday during Valentine's but I did not have the will and was feeling lazy. No new arts but I do have some minor sneak peaks.

Been writing a bit more for this new project and I'm gonna plan on releasing it featuring only the first few chapters. Not much else to say.

Operation Overcast is still halted in terms of production, but I've drawn this potential redesign of how characters would look following my desires to change the art style to be more realistic.


(My apologies if you find it a bit scuffed, not supposed to have too much detail on it)

Comic script still hasn't progressed fruitfully. Though I'll work on it when I feel it's right to do so.

That's all I have to say for today.



Posted by TheGoodlands - December 31st, 2023

Hello, hope you're having a Happy New Years. Today I'll sort of recap some things from this year.

I'll be blunt: 2023 is my least productive year on Newgrounds as I've taken lengthy breaks from it and posted very few stuff on the site besides some news posts every few months. I'm sorry that I haven't been very productive this year, but I do have some things to say on the projects that I am working on.

Operation Overcast, a military-themed series with an emphasis on parody and satire that I've conceptualized since 2021, hasn't been receiving that much. I've been writing the prologue comic in early 2023 but it's still not finished yet. I've also had some creative changes like my uncertainty in writing the lore of the series and changing the characters to be of another military branch.

However, in the middle of the year I had announced a new project which'll be dubbed Project Monsoon that strives for a more teenage demographic featuring a more colorful atmosphere around adventure and all of that. I'll reveal more when the time is right.

I cannot speak too much about my personal life but I have gone up and down like the other years. But I think I've got some fairly nice things from it like new games added to my steam library and a new Samsung phone which replaced my outdated Samsung A5 2017.

Overall, a mostly decent year for me. Some misfortune and such has happened, like all the other years. But I think I'm not too unsatisfied with the year, personally speaking that is. Can't speak for everyone and judging an entire year can be a bit difficult but I promise that I haven't felt like 2023 was a year that I had frequently disliked being part of. I've had my fun and I've had my displeasures.

Hope 2024 will be something different and something great.



Posted by TheGoodlands - December 25th, 2023

Sorry for the lack of productivity this year. A few days before New Year's I'll perhaps make a 2023 year-in-review for both Newgrounds and other things. Here's an unfinished Christmas artwork that I was supposed to finish earlier but procrastination and lack of productivity holds me back from actually finishing it on time. I don't know if I should finish this considering this is supposed to be for a specific day even though I failed to finish it on time. This is hardly the last time I've ever suffered from procrastination issues, even for something as miniscule as art.


Anyways, merry Christmas Newgrounds!


Posted by TheGoodlands - December 17th, 2023

Hi, today's my birthday. Am a year older. Yay.

To not leave some people in silence, I'll post some sneak peaks on what my creative works are at right now.

Operation Overcast

Operation Overcast has been mostly halted for as long as I remember, I had big plans for it since I first came up with it in 2021. Constant lore changes have been happening as I was uncertain to determine what works out for the plot, one of those being changing the branch of the characters to be of the Army as the series no longer exclusively focuses on the Air Force as it brings limited creative potential. However, the general basis still remains mostly the same: some soldiers dabble into some insane antics in the middle east attempting to topple down yet another threat.

I am thinking about 'debuting' the series via a short comic of some sorts, instead of the original animated series plan as that'll possibly be for later. And speaking of that, should probably mention towards anyone paying attention who had been in contact with me in regards to the project: you've been signed out of the project and I have no intention to ever utilize your work without contacting you first. Scripts have been changed, artistic direction has been changed, many things have changed where some of the works cannot be used. I'm a lot more careful when treading into my own ambitions, which explains why I have not utilized them yet and have put them aside in favor of doing progress towards the project myself and only seek outside help whenever the time is right.

I've also considered a change in art direction as Operation Overcast is to adapt a more "realistic" depiction of the human characters being more accurate to real-life though that does not mean it will remove it's cartoonish appeal. I'll still figure out what will work out.

New Title - Project Monsoon

The title reveal has yet to be seen though I have finally come up with a title. In short it's an adventure type story with some emphasis on worldbuilding and to have some kind of vibe and aesthetic that of Sonic the Hedgehog. Here's a sneak peak of the map:


Still a work in progress.

It'll make an official debut as a short book, though of course this is not gonna be it's only thing as I will eventually expand towards other forms of media.

That's all I'll tell you, have a nice day and wish me a happy birthday.

Posted by TheGoodlands - October 10th, 2023


A work-in progress map for the yet-to-be announced project after Operation Overcast that is more colorful and adventurous rather than oppressive and unforgiving.

Posted by TheGoodlands - August 22nd, 2023

Hi, sorry yet again for a months worth of inactivity. Personal life is as to be expected. I still have my hobbies and I don't have fixations necessarily. I play games, I create stuff elsewhere and I come up with ideas.

Now, it's time for me to announce a new project. It's going to be a lot different compared to OpOvc as it'll instead appeal to older children and young teens. That in itself doesn't mean older audiences cannot share an enjoyment and learn valuable lessons from it. It's an adventure genre type fiction inspired by things like Sonic the Hedgehog. Name will be revealed soon and I plan to release a written book about it. Maybe will start illustrating and introducing in artists and such.

Inactivity is still present within me, where I only so slightly think about doing something creative and then leaving it behind. My on-going project Operation Overcast started off as an animation idea, before I compressed it into something I can do solo. While I'm sticking to it until otherwise, I can't feel myself drawing every single comic page even if it isn't too long and complicated. So, for any of my projects I have planned, I will say that much of the projects will be released "when they are ready". That's all.

Have a nice day I guess.

Posted by TheGoodlands - July 4th, 2023

Hi everyone, hope you had a happy 4th of July! Time for some extra news:

  • Barely forgotten Operation Overcast. I'm working on an art that I wanted to finish by today, but it seems unlikely. Nonetheless I'll hope to reveal some more information by posting a few artworks prior to publishing the comic.
  • Been taking a pretty big break from Newgrounds, barely anything getting done and just going on a break. Hopefully I put out something for you guys to enjoy.
  • No cause for concern in regards to my wellbeing. By my own words, I am fine.

Hopefully this clears some things up.

Have a great day of liberty.

  • Goodlands

Posted by TheGoodlands - May 30th, 2023

Today I just tweaked up my PFP from years ago to look a bit less ugly. The background image you see will be changed sometime soon.

On another note, beginning to work more into the script for the prologue comic for Operation Overcast!