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Some stuff to say before I hop off

Posted by TheGoodlands - July 5th, 2022

So, tomorrow (July 6th, 2022) I'm going to Turkey for a one-week vacation with my family. But, don't fret, some news will be spread for my projects.

To begin first, Air Ops: Gray Sky is still not very much into development for the last few weeks and months as there's not a lot of motivation and the voice lines are only a quarter or half done as three dudes have yet to receive voice lines. We've also decided to change the combative air force troops to be instead of a fictionalized faction based on the Special Reconnaissance of the Air Force. It's been changed to avoid interfering with our ambiguous setting. Do not fret, I haven't done nothing as I have drawn some stuff and I probably am going to draw more during my vacation so that I feel relieved of boredom!

As for other projects, I want to try out on something else like make parodies of video games but some of those video games I want to parody are not ones I have actually played and thus it's gonna be difficult to make it relatable, which is the key part of making it actually work. I might try something else.

As for my artwork, I'll try to transition to Krita instead of paint.net, which to be honest makes some of the artwork look flat and I don't have any brush options to give diverse amount of color. And besides, paint.net was used by me to make edits rather than actual artwork before um, idk, 2020/2021? Anyways, I hope I get myself used to it and eventually start animating soon as I'm done wrapping up pre-production!

But I won't try to be a lone wolf, I'll search for help whereever I may find. I'll take all my time to make a functional, bearable pilot that will lay the foundation for a future serious as many talented people I've seen had said this sentence or similar: "Start small, dream big."

That's all I got for today, I'll see you next week when I get back.


Have fun and see you!